Preparing a Post-Military Career

I successfully navigated the military-to-civilian career transition nearly two decades ago, though I maintained affiliation with the Navy Reserve until my retirement 8 years ago.

My son is completing an active duty stint in the Army. He has shared a website that is a one- stop for post military training and career advice. For those who are looking for assistance translating your military experience into a commercial industry or defense contractor-industry career, I can help cut through the jargon of military MOS and designations, to identify your qualifications for employers. I have helped family, acquaintances and fellow veterans with resumes, interviewing tips and presentation for years. Several have been hired.

I currently work for a large international commercial satellite and U.S. Government network security company, and have interviewed many military veterans for engineering and technology openings.

If you are interested in contacting me for assistance, send me email to with the subject “Military Transition Assistance”.