I spent twenty-six years in a Navy uniform, enlisting in 1976. Following a first enlistment, and eight years of “broken service”, I spent 1987 through 2000 serving ashore and afloat. I spent the following 10 years as a Reservist, retiring as a Senior Chief Cryptologic Maintenance Technician in 2010. Throughout a military career, and in my civilian work, in electronics, information security and engineering work, it was the opportunity to work with dedicated professionals that I cherish most. Current and former members of the military, and their families have experienced the rigors of assignments, often in difficult and dangerous places, deployments – long separations, and at times the difficulties that the military bureaucracy imposes on ‘dependents’.

If you have a military member in your life, or are a veteran of the Armed Forces,  I hope you will find this blog informative, useful, and at times humorous.  Whether the member’s career began after 9/11, or even within the last decade, I invite you to find some insight, advice and resources for family, friends and the veteran or Active Duty servicemember.  I invite readers to comment and contribute to make the site more useful to others.  I may from time to time comment on particular policies or social trends that may positively or negatively impact veterans and their families. I do not however subscribe to a particular political party nor do I entertain others who wish to rant. I will leave that to other social media outlets.