If you enjoy “A dog’s life” (https://dogtown.blog ) I hope you will enjoy  “Truth, Half-Truths and Sea Stories”.    If you have a military member in your life, or are a veteran of the Armed Forces,  I hope you will find this blog informative, useful, or humorous.  For twenty-six years over three decades, I lived out my childhood cartoon hero, Popeye – a crusty Sailor who gets the girl,  stands up to injustice, and has a special thing about spinach.

As time has gone on,  I intend for this platform to offer advice and resources for family, friends and the veteran or Active Duty servicemember to cope with the particular stresses – on health, on attitudes, on finances and particularly, on relationships.  I do not expect someone visiting to be of my faith, or to subscribe to a particular faith to get something useful from these articles.   But I welcome feedback and guest bloggers!