Sunday: Join the Radical Movement

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I make no apologies for this. My life has been so radically different in the dozen years since I gave over my life to faith in a higher authority; as one of my favorite song lyrics says, “…higher than I”. Too many people see life as too short to be a bound by rules – there is too much partying, profit-making, romancing, you name it – to do, and religion has boundaries. Like so many other things, a lack of knowledge or understanding leads to prejudice and bigotry. In the past, American culture was defined as Judeo-Christian. Today, some see multi-culturalism, globalism, and secularism as the acceptable society norm.
Social conformity, which so many condemned during the 60’s and 70’s, gave way to ever greater levels of conformity – when a majority of our culture accept sex, profanity, debt, pantheism, atheism, obesity, narcissism, drugs, or lives modeled after entertainment figures. Simple worship of the Judeo-Christian God is condemned, or criticized as a false life application, branded conformist and condemned. Embracing no Authority but neither supporting a national identity, nor purpose is a the new conformity.
Be a non-conformist! Be RADICAL! Jesus, God, became human flesh to be NON-CONFORMIST, and show that a radical belief in a higher Authority was freeing us from the meaningless existence. I was once conformist – now I choose to be revolutionary and radical!

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