My take on the Healthcare Debate

I do not want the government to foul up my healthcare. In the past thirty years, I’ve experienced medical care as a college student, company-plan employee, military member, and on occasion, paid fully-out-of-pocket. I happen to appreciate that I can purchase healthcare and choose from the best care available. Especially since I have a recurring condition which requires hospitalization, I want to go to the best professionals and facilities. I still hold the socialized system – the military healthcare system – responsible for much of the issues I experienced. These were aggravated by the lack of individual care and advanced practicianers that are available in private care. Fifteen years ago in the military, I had appendicitis which went undiagnosed for several days. It subsequently ruptured and over the past fifteen years I have suffered digestive problems as a result. In a socialized system, everyone gets an Emergency waiting room experience, but without top-line care. Without incentive nor alternative source of care, it never was nor would be treated with the precision and advanced diagnosis as in private care.

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