A fondness for Mr Lincoln’s approach to education

I am proud to have intelligent and discerning sons. Now that the youngest is in his last year of high school, I hope he has come to view education for what it is: a mile marker in life. In 2009, history is rewritten to expunge or filter events and cultural reality of time, to meet political and social conventions of today. Murder now, if committed by an islamic group, is an exercise in national defense, US citizenship is not defined by borders, and rule of law, and every historical event of the last thousand years or more is skewed to reflect whatever agenda of whatever social or national origin of the proponent. Afro-centric doctrine denegrates white society, Arab-centric ideas denegrates jewish and christian society, homosexual politics denegrate heterosexual society, anarchists and socialists denegrate capitalist society, and any number of “green-environment” proponents denegrate anyone who uses current technology today.

Where once I was very supportive of “getting a good education” studying and going on to a college, I no longer see this as something which can be provided by the state. The State only seeks docile acceptance of everything they espouse, in order to maintain the status quo.

I began counseling my teenagers years ago to question everything that was stated in the classroom. Read everything, analyze everything, and discern where the truth exists by filtering it all through the lens of experience. In the final analysis, there is probably a lot of virtue in following the life-learning achieved by Abraham Lincoln. Walk miles to obtain a book, do chores, observe Nature, gain wisdom from the common sense of people – linguists, engineers, teachers, merchants, farmers, diplomats, carpenters. And hopefully, when society collapses into the ruin that is coming, the Dark Ages the Sequel will have little pockets of intellect and sense, to recover more quickly than 10 centuries of the last.

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