Albondigas soup cures sick PCs

A long day at work today ended where it began, with a software-controlled device I was testing no farther along in development than when I started. Stubborn system indicated a problem that should have been evident previously – the same routine was used with prior successful tests, but perhaps it was not flawed hardware or software, but the human at the controls??
Once home, I met a friend’s questions on connecting his new computer to a wireless router, with perhaps less-than-clear instructions.
An hour later I am at his home, diagnosing the obstinant wireless connection. A bowl of albondigas soup later, and the situation becomes clear. In minutes, the connection is made and my friend has joined the Wireless-N generation, Pretty good considering we are both relics of the IBM PC era!
Now I wonder if albondogas soup will cure what ails my work project?

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