Do Not EXCLUDE, but INCLUDE! ( Part One)

I propose that we send a message to the world.   EVERYONE in the world will be declared an American by President Obama’s power under Executive Order.  There will no longer be any reason to have a national debt — we are never going to pay the debt owed, to Americans — unless they are General Motors, Wall Street Executives or George Soaros.  Everyone else will be left overtaxed and undersatisfied.
Instead, let’s do what the rest of the world does.  Military service is mandatory  – either by conscripting children as in some insurgencies, or by a poorly paid and trained armed force.  Training and equipment are kept to private mercenaries and militias.  The remaining troops are to be used for political ends.
As far as criminal-justice, we adopt the progressive pattern of latin american, south asian, or african legal systems.  Prisoners are fed and cared for in the rat-hole prisons by their families who either pay or perform in prison-run brothels to feed their relatives.  If you want anything from the bureaucracy, you bribe the official sufficiently.  Violent criminals are executed or shipped off to Hezbollah, Afghan terror camps, or to France.  Sex crimes are a matter of opinion – or state-sanctioned means of cowing the population.  (End Part One)

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