Civil Disobedience

Never in my wildest imaginings did I think I would become so enamored with civil disobedience!  Henry David Thoreau refused to support the war effort of his day, the Mexican War. At the time I first read about him in high school, I had little experience to appreciate Thoreau.  But  Thoreau’s treatise is after the life experience of fifty years, very appropriate today.  He noted, “The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and perverted before the people can act through it.”  

In the last few days, a man whom I know generally to be a stable, responsible, and well-liked engineer, has become the lightening rod of public dismay over the excesses of government.  For having dared to refuse to submit to scanning or excessively invasive search of his person at the San Diego airport, he has incurred the WRATH OF GOVERNMENT.   Bureaucrats are infuriated.  Populist sentiment is running some pro and some against.  

If it weren’t so dangerous a precedent, I would be ironic that a man who designs the processes by which national security is maintained, is himself being investigated for refusing to submit to much-less intelligent and quality-conscience minions of the Government!
SOFTWARE ENGINEERS are the true danger to the State.   I must be more understanding: my job is to support all the stupid things government does from subsidizing the non-working, non-citizen with free health care, free housing, and free education at universities my children are ineligible to attend because they are intelligent and legal residents.  I must be more tolerant, in that the thousands who have been killed by thousands of Muslim extremists, are not as dangerous as the single incident twenty years ago by the one-  or two- odd caucasian murderous morons.   

Let us hope that common sense will return to this debate.   Or at the very least,  there may be some compromise possible.  We may ask that all officials including the President of the United States also be subject to body scans, or that anyone wishing to avoid the government excesses,  travel by Greyhound bus.  No terrorist would be able to commit harm on a bus, if during the trip, his arms are pinned to his sides by an excessively large woman in a polkadot dress wedged into the accompanying seat.

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