My Valentine’s Desires are TRX, a speed bag, and lots of Tiger Balm

Acceptable Responses Of a Smart Husband  

  • When your wife starts a “Bootcamp” workout, waking at 4:30 AM:

    • YOU are awesome, honey!
    • You are really looking good.
    • I’ll get up with you…  just let me rest my eyes for a minute

  • When she offers to make you a ‘kale-berry-kefir-peanut butter’ smoothie:

    • Just a little one, my stomach is upset this morning
    • I will have it after I walk the dogs 
    • Actually, I had the leftover Quinoa in the fridge
  • When she asks you to set up a TRX / workout bag in the spare bedroom: 

      • I just ordered it on Amazon
      • I had nothing planned on Saturday, so I put it together
      • My buddy Greg is coming over tonight to bolt it to the floor
      • When she says “Let’s stay home” on Valentine’s Day; you can barbecue some steaks”  
        • You are the best wife in the world!
        • You have cooked amazing this week, I would love to
        • It would be crazy to go out tonight anyway

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