It was a fine day to be toasted

Britain must have a dearth of good news today,  Or they celebrate a boring day with the dry wit the Brits are known for.   Today was “National Toast Day”  I learned from scanning Facebook.  As I am waiting for the ‘Calming Tea’ to make me sleepy, I just had to comment.

Sure enough there are several references online to this day!    And not being particularly imaginative this evening — it was a LONG day at work and commuting was — well,  let’s just say I ended up at home feeling like,  you guessed it dear reader, TOAST!

And oddly enough,  this was the first day I brought a loaf of bread, wheat bread, to work.  You cannot get toast – and no slices of bread separate unto themselves,  at our work cafeteria at any time other than breakfast.   So here I am this morning, in ignorant abandon, having toast.

Good think I didn’t try asking for it like acting legend, Jack Nicholson.

As a man in his late 50’s,  I recall this scene if not necessarily the whole movie.  But anytime I have a little difficulty with an order or request,  I am tempted to get flippant and ask for plain, dry toast.

Such an odd day to ponder other uses for a baked good.

be toast, Slang. to be doomed, ruined, or in trouble:
If you’re late to work again,

you’re toast

After all this,  I would rather just drink a toast to the approaching Friday.  The weekend is almost here.   To make it through tomorrow, Friday, I will need a little nightcap.  Though my spouse is asleep, I will raise a glass of my favorite beverage in her honor.  For I don’t drink alone…

that’s a  TOAST

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