Post -Apocalypse

The end of the world is coming.  And I don’t think it is going to be a Mad Max franchise movie.  The rival factions:

  • the Fascists want everything to be “safe” and “fair”;  everyone will follow what others dictate is good for them.  There is room for discussion as long as everyone believes in the ONE direction.
  • the Utopians (formerly marxist) want everyone to believe anything they want. As long as it is not christian. They are prohibited.  Oh, and not the Jews.  Peace through strict re-education.  Moral code is based on science; the spiritual is obsolete.
  • the Bureaucrats want everything run through policy handbooks.  procedures, and committees.  “results-oriented” and efficient are not pertinent. Enlarging the scope and budget of the bureaucracy is its purpose.
  • the Media want to be a power-player. the governed will receive  no divergent opinion or fact to cause a lack of trust.  All approved consumerism is channeled to the public through Media which takes its cut.
  • half of the people want the world to see they are inoffensive, not self-seeking and are tolerant; the other half of the people want to be left alone to pursue the American Dream, raise their family, teach their children and live with some hope for the future.
 Give me the Good Book, rugged good looks, antagonists, and a Spiritual Plan. Sounds a bit like a Denzel Washington role already done

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