Itching to Explore Again

Yosemite National Park (2016)

Until 2016, I had never visited Yosemite National Park.   Over the course of several days, my friends and I camped – in tents – during the last warm days of the year. 
 I got my year’s worth of hiking and camping in that week. 
Nevada Falls

In the late Fall of 2015, my wife and I visited New York where my father was born, and both a maternal and a paternal aunt still call home.  We visited the memorial to the victims of September 11, 2001.

new World Trade Center, NYC

New York City (2015)

We walked much of Manhattan, and spent hours with each aunt.
Spent time away from work, email, text messages and stress.    And we only just are ramping up our plans as retirement approaches.

The Bull of Wall Street

Northern Ireland,  United Kingdom (2015)


Belfast, N. Ireland
Ruins of 11th C. monastery, Northern Ireland

In the summer of 2015, we visited Northern Ireland where my late mother and aunts grew up.  Made acquaintance of their friends and folks I had not seen since childhood.  Fell in love with the people and particularly members of our international church fellowship

Grand Canyon National Park (2014)

Grand Canyon, South Rim trail

In the Spring of 2014, I visited the Grand Canyon for only the third time in my life.  On this occasion I joined several very athletic, enthusiastic and acclimated hikers from my home church hiking down into the canyon to the river and back up the other South Rim trail – during the same day. It was a grueling 14 hours, but I emerged healthy and victorious.

view from the South Rim, Grand Canyon

Where do we go this year?

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