Weekend Garden Warrior

Saturday was a fine day to relax. Some weekends relaxing mean an early-morning hike with my friends and the dogs. The dogs and I were a little out of sorts yesterday – I think they count the days between weekends knowing that Saturdays are the hiking day. But we had an appointment that morning so the hike was scratched rather than rushing through the park. 

 On other weekends, I try to straighten out my garage, or work on a list of projects, painting, putting up pictures, and sweeping the patio. With dogs, dog hair is everywhere, and in Southern California, dust coats everything so I HAVE to sweep every weekend.  I’ve considered buying a leaf blower to deal with this.   As I look at the bushes and trees, I start thinking I should buy a power trimmer or hire some professionals to get my trees and bushes cleaned up. 

Sometimes I channel wood-working and gardening ambitions to build stuff for the yard.  Last Fall it was a new gate;   the one it replaced was a decayed bit of fencing that I had for several months propped up with rebar, baling wire and metal posts.  For months I’ve kept the old wood in a back corner of the yard for a future project. 

Last weekend I worked in the front yard.     Rock roses, and tea tree, and bark made this area more ‘finished’.   I knew it was pleasing with all the new color when my wife joined me for a late-afternoon iced tea and magazine time on the front patio.

This weekend I built a raised bed frame for vegetables –  a pee-free zone.    I had marked off an area to create a vegetable and herb garden last year,  But it became a playland for the dogs.  I now have to get the soil, mulch and plants potted which is next week’s goal.  My next project – or somewhere on the top five in my list –  a dog run,  will take the place of the chicken wire.  It has nonetheless been effective-   fruit trees, bushes and some succulents have a renewed lease on life now.  But we are getting near that time of year to have friends over, so the wire has to go (soon).

The best part of these projects is the work with power tools, wood and planning and seeing  my ideas take shape.   At other times, with sinks backing up, cable TV losing picture,  or one of the cars develops a glowing idiot lamp, I know it will take more effort to solve.  Those things are not  horribly difficult – I work with troubleshooting electronics all week long – but  are particularly irritating when they occur late on a Sunday afternoon. 

Fortunately, my meter tells me the car trouble is an easy fix.  The sink clog was vanquished by a determine wife with Clorox, hot water and a plunger.   The dogs  are going amok — but not on the plants;   it sounds like coyotes are hunting in the vicinity.  Maybe they are coming to check out my garden.  Perhaps they will eat a few gophers – we have plenty to share with the local predators.   

I need to savor the moments I get to relax.  Tomorrow,  my work commute comes early And even a little dog-pee won’t make the commute nor my job any easier.

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