God the Provider: Our Opportunity to Give

When I was a child, my parents provided for me so that I never had to wonder where I was to sleep at night, what I was going to eat when I got hungry or who would dress my wounded knees and elbows when I fell down at the park climbing trees or on my bicycle. .

But when I grew into manhood, I found that I had to make decisions for my own provisions.  While in military service, my needs were provided for, with the understanding that you trade your obedience and work for those things.  

During a time that I wasn’t in the military, I had little money to stretch between the things I had to have – a place to live,  pay the light bill, and to wash clothes,  I had to decide what was most important.

Only later did I understand that God the Father and Jesus His Son had been watching out for me.  Things that were stressful and difficult – in my career, in my personal situation, with my health, were being kept in check — for a future life that I would have —  provided for by God.   And that is the same that has been done for all of us who now have sanctuary in Christ Jesus.

Those here in this fellowship, may know- or we may not yet realize –  that our rescue from our former life was through Jesus.  But living a new life takes training, changing life choices, and looking at things through spiritual eyes.  I learned & am still learning –  to live on a budget,  to be willing AND able to help those in need, and to provide for my family. – spiritual and physical  

1 Timothy 6:17    (NIV)
17 Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment

The refreshing of Living Water that Jesus provides us through his death and resurrection, is a treasure beyond value.  Through our contribution – our tithe —  we have  leaders to  draw us closer to Jesus.    We have a place to meet for worship and for training in our marriages and discipleship.  We have outreach to the poor and to help those in our fellowship.  

Let us be generous in our ability to give back to God.

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