American food, a force for good

Having lunch today in a restaurant -bakery, part of a chain that I’ve found in towns on both coasts of the U.S., I found myself thinking of how  “Americana” -particularly food, has made a home on every continent.  (Well, I don’t know if Antartica other than McMurdo qualifies).

I only can bear witness to young Sailors spending their first months away from U.S. shores, on a port visit in Panama finding a Kentucky Fried Chicken eatery and a can of Budweiser.  I’ve avoided Burger King in Paris, McDonalds in Korea, and Pizza Hut in Canada.  I did however stumble in Seoul, S Korea when I saw a Starbucks.

Menu items sound interesting when you recognize a word in a stream of Greek, or Turkish, or Japanese. But with all the angst and debate today all over the globe directed at America, do Pakastanis and Paraguayans still enjoy Original or the Extra Crispy recipe?  And can a Sailor find a burrito in France? Hmm.

Parrots in search of a Pirate
That’s some good chow!


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