Impossible to implement

All this hulabaloo over DACA, immigration, and healthcare.  Most of us are very charitable and supportive people.  Our blood has been shed the world over to help unfortunate peoples have a chance to improve their lot.   But some here go too far.  The noisiest protests come from noise-makers: media, celebrities, lobbyists, and unemployable hangers-on; from the insincere: the uber-wealthy political-influence peddlers who may send a few shoes but  demand “action” from Government (while they profit from their pocket-politicians) ;  and the machiavellian: professional politicians who manipulate the public and government for their own purposes.

A simple proposition.  Everyone (including the influence-peddler and politician alike) who opposes American nationalism, opposes U.S. state and national laws being enforced, and opposes citizens’ -only rights for citizens – our citizens and not contrived citizenship,  I would ask YOU to (contractually) sponsor one or more “guests” within our borders. In perpetuity.

Exchange your citizenship for your sponsorship of an illegal guest.  If they act criminally, you take their punishment.  If they are illiterate or unskilled, you teach them.  If they have medical conditions, you pay for their care.  Do not demand that others who are already charitable to the less-fortunate, be forced to support the non-citizen and the civilly disobedient, demand we comply when you change the rules of the game, and demand the lawful bend to the unlawful.  Otherwise, the hell you create here is no better than the purported hell our “guests” left.

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