“I’m cap’n here by ‘lection. I’m cap’n here because I’m the best man by a long sea-mile. You won’t fight, as gentlemen o’ fortune should; then, by thunder, you’ll obey, and you may lay to it! I like that boy, now; I never seen a better boy than that. He’s more a man than any pair of rats of you in this here house, and what I say is this: let me see him that’ll lay a hand on him–that’s what I say, and you may lay to it.”

― Robert Louis StevensonTreasure Island

Some days I feel like I’m walking the plank.   Willingly.    And sometimes I wish I was a pirate.    Like my co-worker.  The one dressed here like Long John Silver.   Technologist during the week.   Pirate on weekends.   Better than being a superhero.  No tights.

from San Diego Union-Tribune 

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