The Lucky Ones

Last week I read in the Google News feed that scientists have discovered that parallel universes do exist and that it is possible to be in two different but likely states at any given time. How fortunate for us! Politicians probably have always known this as they routinely appear to take different approaches to the same issue at any given time, depending on the audience!
I wonder if there might be a universe where the political, fiscal and social conservatives actually hold sway – as I would certainly like to find this. Some may think this is Lollipop Land, where the government is a servant of the People, roads have few potholes, and there isn’t some bureaucrat digging into my pocket for my last bit of change. I would also like to be proud of my President and my country, not hunkering down, wondering when the Chinese or Mexican flag will replace our national ensign. Hell, these groups either own the country outright through funding our debt – or through majority of the population in this universe.

Imagine the possibilities as I can hop in my time portal and see the outcome of tonight’s lottery numbers, or maybe not earn a traffic citation, but instead swap donut shop directions with the local politizi. But lets be real. The Government will only permit the universes that enhance their power or prestige (where Socialism is still the norm, where Prez B can have his 3 story billboard – a la Soviet leaders of old – displayed everywhere), or where taxes are the rule and earning a buck is illegal unless that is what is leftover after a 99 percent taxrate!
Can you imagine the genius of it! Anyone wishing to travel to Rod Serling’s Twighlight Zone -esque new universes will first have to pay a tax and then be frisked by the dimensional TSA!!!

Now, of course, there always has been and will be a universe that I will prefer above all others. But don’t tell the Atheists or the ACLU — Saint Peter probably is a registered Conservative!

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