Christmas traditions

It’s Christmas Eve and we’re gearing up for another spirited celebration with family and friends – this time over TWO days rather than trying to do it all in one! We slept in till 7 AM, we started the coffee, and started making the dinner preparations. The missus has been in the kitchen over a couple weeks making her famous peanutbutter chocolate treats, I’ve got to get out for the last minute gifts and find some eggs for breakfast. There are presents still needing to be wrapped, but I have to find ’em first. I actually, for the first time in ages, got these bought days before Christmas countdown but they were “strategically” dispersed around the house. By now everything is under laundry, in closets, under the stacks of mail we haven’t gone through yet, or in the tubs we store the christmas lights in. I actually got all the lights up outside a week ago, brought out the Christmas music – Frank Sinatra CDs, and am revving up for my part in the pre-guest activities: laundry has to be gathered, washed, dried and put away!
IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! Wishing all my family and friends good cheer! Now where is that brandy I heard the missus mention….. it’ll go wonderfully in the coffee this morning. Wooo-Hoooo.

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