Art Historian? No, but I slept in a Holiday Inn Express….

If I had the money to jump on a plane and jet across the country this week for the heck of it, there’s a lecture series I want to attend.  Of course, I have no particular training as an art historian or artist, but I know the subject of this lecturer’s presentation, Edwin H. Blashfield , muralist.  I doubt there is a single one of my peers who hasa clue who he was or what a muralist does.   Forty years ago, I lived a few years on Cape Cod in a mid-18th Century home which at the turn of the 20th Century was the home and studio of this artist.   What began as a curious find of a large book full of his work in pictures and lithograph prints at the house became a small collection of prints and books he wrote today.   In several state buildings, courthouses and libraries from the MidWest to Washington, DC and New England, his work is prominently featured.    Here’s the editor’s new book on Blashfield  edited by Mina Rieur Weiner

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