Conspiracies of the Formerly Silent Majority

Politics. A contest of will between “the public” and the “the public servant”.   In 2010, the public is roused out of a stupor, and demanding that our Government return control to the the governed.   In California, we have a governor’s race whose candidates are a jostling to demonstrate who has more dirt on the other, platitudes and restating the problems rather than indicating solutions.  At the national level, the Government has spent all the money that China is willing to lend us AND is giving away more Monopoly money to prop up governments which are also full of corruption and idiocy.    
The much maligned, abused and ignored public has been growing in vocal and ballot-opposition.   WE THE PEOPLE have far to go.  There is still a general contempt in the halls of power for us.  The news media is beginning to see where their bread is truly buttered;  little at a time, the tide of contempt for a politically-savvy and ground-swell body-politic is reversing.   The Arizona citizen is absolutely correct in demanding a government put some teeth in the regulations that our federal government does not have the will to enforce. In California we should demand the same commitment from our leaders – but the small lobbyist groups which in truth are the unelected government have held sway far too long.  In Washington, all the bureaucracy has destroyed our future.  The talk of improving conditions economically is refuted by reality.  Flooding the cable channels with foolsih drivel will not put food on my table or gasoline in my car.  When there is no job to make the money that the government plans to siphon from us, a government job or handout is just monopoly money.
I should advise that we all take a realistic if jaundiced eye at all the chaos of our present,  I plan to carry on outwardly as usual, but become self-reliant more and more.  I have cut the bonds of servitude and silence, and invite the reader to join the Formerly Silent Majority!

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