Politicians are often stupid; lawyers think Juries are more so

 Combat veterans have another reason to be outraged by arrogant wannabees.  In an article,  New York Times, May 18th.,  that reveals the  Connecticut Attorney General has been trading on a wartime history that is indefensible.   As a veteran, if you find it irritating that a former President was a Guardsman who was guarding the rear, ticked that another silver spoon-fed politician as a vet twenty years earlier detailed conduct of combat soldiers before Congress, angered by a third who continues shabby treatment of veteran issues as a legislator when touting military service as a POW that other former POWs question.   But for this politician to arrogantly believe it is cachet today to be a combat veteran, in order to win votes and approval – incredible!   For a lawyer turned politician to continue the practice of creatively manipulating juries/voters through inferred, implied and crafted speech – has no understanding that facts are all available to be researched on the Internet.

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