Acknowledging the signs comes grudgingly

When you misplace your reading glasses at this age, you need Grace. From your peers at work, social circle – though they too may be hunting for their own at the time, and from your children.  There’s a running joke from my peer review committee when we critique test procedures I’ve developed, that I need larger font, to read what I wrote — when it’s displayed by projector!    And when I inspect circuit cards, my co-worker and I share an “I spy” or pocket magnifying glass – when we forget our respective glasses. 

Though we all now are focusing on better health, by going to the company-sponsored gym near work, aches and pains aren’t any longer “signs of weakness leaving the body”, as the Marines are fond of saying, but decrepitude!  Rotator cuff, “tennis elbow” tendon strains, the padding around the midsection – are all reminders that I’m never seeing forty, nevermind 25 again. 

Now where was I going with this?   
And I realize I must keep putting new information in my head to keep the outflow at some sort of control.   It’s like real-life, where politicians are grateful for every new catastrophe or Lindsay Lohan debacle – I guess that is a natural catastrophe too, come to think – for the public to collectively forget the failures of the last government effort.    I am studying more and practicing new technologies, designed for keeping up with my young engineer peers at work. 
Now if I only could remember why….

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