Humming to yourself out loud

YOU are never alone when you have multiple personality disorder.  I work primarily by myself in a closed engineering lab and over time I have given in to talking to myself.  Now my friends who have known and worked with me over the years may not be surprised as I have been this way for a long time.   

Yesterday, however, was rather fun as I was ending a rather stressed out short week ( holidays are really more of a nuisance at work, since you have to work twice as hard routinely -due to the short-staffing anyway, and with holidays cutting into the schedule, you work three to four times harder.).  I was walking to my next assignment, and apparently humming the theme from the WIZARD OF OZ.  A female technician about my age smiled as I passed and asked me whether I was the TIN MAN seeking a heart!   Well, actually, I said, I was thinking of the SCARECROW seeking a brain!!  I work as hard as I do as a matter of course,  But then if I am  multiple personalities, the company can be satisfied that it gets three workers and only has to pay ONE.

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