only the future holds promise

The dust of history has settled on the year 2011.  Thank goodness, many will agree.  In the next 362 days, new discoveries in science and medicine, art, literature, and the natural world will mark 2012 as their genesis.  The world will welcome millions of new babies, among them future Einsteins or Yitzak Perlman’s,  as well as good, honest, and hard-working future farmers, miners, fishermen and laborers.  In the next year, we will say farewell to many others.  The next 12 months are a cup half-full of promise.

Over the past year, people who engage in politics, economics, and military -backed diplomacy have proved that there will always be tyrants and incompetents,  powerful and the power-seekers, and dreamers and fools.  Middle-Eastern countries we liberated at terrible cost are returned to despotism and chaos; some empires need to be obliterated and not tolerated by a civil society.  After two centuries of upward mobility and American blood spilled to engender an ideal around the world, the American identity is now a weakened vox populi, a bankrupt economy and a powerful State.  Sovietism in America?

In 2012,  new leaders and new visions need to stand up; overcome the noise of the Occupy rabble, the sycophant news media, and the well-connected, and hold the Government to account.   Or the next 51 weeks  may be a cup half-empty.

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