Numerology in the New Year

Happy New Year!   Four hundred ninety-six days ago, or 1 year, 4 months and 9 days ago, I apparently had something to vent and did so.  In the meantime I have been silent, like a slumbering caldera, or perhaps have had little to say. A Christmas present from my wife this year, a journal, bears a witty foreword that resembles my thoughts and verbal commentary — usually while we are driving together over these last two years.  Perhaps a little more blogging is in order and will provide me some perspective.  Numbers like five years from now I can draw military retirement,  two years from now our financial house should be in order, one year from now a student will have graduated and be urged to leave the nest, six months from now I will be able to order from the Denny’s senior menu,  and a day from now, I may be taking public transit back to the job to start another 52 weeks of work.

In the past year I learned a little more about ancient cultures and the figurative relationship of numerology in the Bible.   And though I have no real fascination with numbers,  I cannot avoid some interesting (some might say hazardous) coincidences.   While three is associated with Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Trinity,  seven is regarded as a holy number ( seven crowns, seven lampstands, etc) in the Book of Revelations.  Six on the other hand is a number associated with evil. Six pieces of silver, the  ‘666’ mark of the Beast and so on.

In 2013, I learned to live without a car (totalled by a drunk at the end of 2012),  dealt with another hospitalization for gastric issues,  severely broke my wrist, had my house catch fire (candles – though the artist who used them has not- have been banished from my home), had another car driven by my other son disabled by a collision (two previous tire blowouts on the interstate that year were foreshadowing his pending lack of ‘auto’-mobility,  and other minor irritations,  And if you believe that incidents occur in threes, I bear witness,  If one sums the digits of 2013, the result is SIX, but happily, the sum of the present year is SEVEN.
Let me offer prayers to the Most High that the new year will bring significant positive outcomes for my family.

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