Trains run on schedules but Life is unpredictable

Slumbering without benefit of an alarm clock for the first day of work in 2014 was not as restful as I would have wished.  Due to conflicting schedules today,  I drove my pickup truck to the train station instead of carpooling and was uncomfortable.  Huffing and puffing the few hundred yards from the transit parking lot I caught the Coaster commuter train with minutes to spare;  missing it would have given me an excuse to skip work until Monday.  I’m just glad to be away from the left-over cookies, chocolates, zucchini bread, crackers and dip.

The weekend will be here in a couple days.  And none too soon.  I have a list of projects to start the year off.  The truck now seems to have developed some fuel problem that thankfully held off until I was pulling into my driveway,  A couple strings of outdoor lights need to be stored in the garage.  A bedroom needs painting;  odds n ends cluttering the house have an appointment with the Amvets truck now that 2014 is here.

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