With Apologies to Morpheus and Neo

In the movie, “The Matrix”, the idea that we are all living in a dream world managed by computers, is of course, a good plot, but what if our reality – the universe if you will – actually IS a creation of an Almighty God? Fifty years of living, thirty or more as a working man, and ten since engagement and marriage, active belief is fundamental to my relationships. As far from a fervent, dedicated, and thoroughly indoctrinated biblical Christian as my own self-perception is, I still choose to believe that everything exists because of a loving Creator. While so much of the world is consumed by basic needs – power, recognition, gratification, hunger, comfort, I can enjoy going to a Christmas party that my wife held for her staff at a pizza place. Almost everyone came with family, were obviously enjoying themselves from the infants to the oldest adult,and the young waitress was genuinely touched when Sheri settled the bill and tip. It’s Christmas-time! When I think I could have taken the Blue Pill and remained aloof, frustrated but comfortable in my old cynical life, I see all that I would have missed.

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