Changing your own oil

Spending quality minutes with your children older than eighteen is an exercise in creativity.   Take this morning for example.   Getting up before they woke and started to scatter, allowed me to get the honey-do’s done.  Well, it is probably more accurate to say that I needed clean underwear and clean sheets since my sweetheart gone almost all week, was due back from her writing conference later this morning.  At least I wouldn’t have that added to my list of to-dos when the Missus got home.  (And might earn some points for me.)
Matt and I had talked last week about changing the oil in the Honda, and this morning he approached with a window of opportunity for some bonding time.  Of all the discussion and the lessons on the costs and benefits of clean oil, I’m sure the one take-away from this morning was how cool the hand-cleaner was in removing the dirty oil from our hands.   There might have been another lesson on getting the oil filter off too.  And until some other dad or garage mechanic shows him the oil wrench one uses to remove stubbornly-tight filters, my hammer and screwdriver lever action will be a sharp trick employed by creative ol’ dad.

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