Flying trucks, drive-thru homes, and miracles

Bang, Screech, and BANG!  Two A.M on Saturday morning, out of a dead sleep Sheri and I leaped out of bed to see what the commotion was.  (Must be the druggies partying down the street). A few minutes go by. Sheri and I stepped out front,  looked down toward the main road and saw nothing,  only a couple people coming out to the street.  I went inside and then back out as the fire trucks pulled up the street a few moments later.  One of our neighbors joined us. A minute later I saw a couple people from the other direction coming down the street, saying that a truck has driven INTO the house at the top of the street. 
After several minutes we walked up the street to see a truck buried in the corner of a house.  There’s several neighbors gathered, the police and the firemen were moving about.
Our neighbors were first responders. Robert pulled a teenager from the rubble of his bedroom, and Brian shut the power off.   Brian grabbed the passenger who was trying to get away.  By the time we walked up to the house, the sheriff has both occcupants of the truck under arrest.  The twenty-ish woman driver was incoherent as she was escorted to the car past me.  She and the man military-looking seemed to be without a scratch.  An ambulance passed by, taking the teenager who was in the house, to the hospital.   His brother was unhurt simply because he fell asleep in the living room and not in his bedroom which was completely demolished.
A few moments later we found out that these two drunks had smashed into a small trailer, then bashed into a car in the driveway of the house next door, backed up and went forward in the driveway again, smashing it again, pushing a pickup truck behind the first car THROUGH the garage door, then backed up and careened through the victims’ brick mailbox post.  They missed all the cars and trucks parked along the street, and, six houses where the street tees,  launched up a  driveway, over a cement wall and into the bedroom of the other home.  When the F150 was hauled off by the wrecker, it didn’t seem to have suffered that much damage.  (Wonder if Ford would advertise that as “Ford Tough”. )  It was miraculous that no one was killed and that no other cars were smashed on the way.  Oh, and the idiot kids –  the son and his buddies weren’t responsible. The mom, whose two cars and garage was plowed into, kicked them out of the house recently.  Our neighborhood, once insulated, is becoming more crime statistically average.  And to think, all I used to worry about was the probability of an airplane coming down, living in the runway approach to the Gillespie Field airport.

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