What is Your "Why"?

Leave it to an evangelist to publish positive messages and motivation on his FB feed.

At lunch I was looking online at social media, and blogs of people I follow.  One topic that captured my attention was that of failure and success, in that a person succeeds in not giving up after setbacks.  The world we live in is at odds at every turn it seems.    In a world that is wracked with suffering –  there are as many if not more – moments touched by God.  Look closely – a mother gives birth to quadruplets, it is national puppies day, a child rescues another from the clutches of a would-be kidnapper, and an elderly veteran wins the lottery ( the last may be more of a curse than a windfall but remains to be seen).    When the world knocks you down, and against the odds, you determine to stand back up and fight; a fight you will win if you know “your why”.

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