Iron men and wooden ships

I think I should learn to sail before I die.  In a sailboat.  Perhaps on the ocean.  After all, I spent a seventh of my life on the ocean, in vessels that patrolled the world.  Of course, none of these used wind power and fabric for propulsion.   But as crew aboard a warship crossing the Pacific and at other times crossing the Atlantic,  I recall seeing adventurers on their tiny cork

For inspiration,  I was reading about a couple adventurers, beginning with Robin Knox-Johnson who was first to sail solo and non-stop around the world in 1968 ( it took him 10 months to complete)  and latest, Thomas Colville, whose fifth attempt at breaking the 2008 record of 57 days  accomplished circumnavigation in only 49 days.

Or maybe I will just take lessons this summer on a smallboy at the Navy MWR marina and sail in San Diego Bay.

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